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Suggested Uses

Suggested uses for Izzy B blankets


Babies and Toddlers

Our blankets are designed with the needs of babies and toddlers in mind and are the ideal shape for use with buggies, prams, Moses baskets, and cribs. Use also as a snugly wrap indoors and in the car, and as a play or changing mat. The perfect baby gift!

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters

Our unique semi-circular shape eliminates the risk of corners dragging in the wheels of the wheelchair or scooter. We use the finest quality anti-pilling polar fleece for our blankets which is lightweight, yet cosy and warm. They are particularly suitable for use where pressure or weight on lower limbs should be avoided, and being machine washable and quick drying, are ideal for use in hospitals and care homes too.

Snugly Wrap

Turn down the heating and use as a cosy wrap around knees or shoulders, when watching TV, sitting at the computer, or reading in bed.

Travel rug

Lightweight and easy to roll up, they are ideal to use on plane or coach journeys.  Pop one into the back of your car as part of your emergency kit during the snowy weather conditions, or take with you to the football match, outdoor concert or festival. Perfect for picnics or days at the beach during the warmer summer months.

Pet blanket

Pets love our blankets too. They are just the right shape for placing in your cat or dog basket.  Machine washable, they can also be used as a throw to protect your sofa from the inevitable pet hairs! We can also embroider the blanket with your pet's name.

The unique shape of our blankets is a Registered Design

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